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deanmorris90 replied to your post “Im going ten days to Ireland this summer, where should i go?”

Belfast grr boo Northern Ireland their fake Irish :-D

Um, I hope you’re joking?!

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Fanad Head Lighthouse,  County Donegal, Republic of Ireland | by ill-padrino www.matthiashaker.com


Fanad Head Lighthouse, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland | by ill-padrino www.matthiashaker.com

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Cork, Ireland


Cork, Ireland

(Source: extremelywonderfulplaces)

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Churchtown, Dublin, Ireland


Churchtown, Dublin, Ireland

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victorianrocketships asked: Hello!! I recently started following your blog and noticed your name!! I'm currently reading a book series and it has a wild, untamable Irish girl in it with the same name!! I can't believe the coincidence <3 Anyway, I was wondering what are some other traditional Irish names? Thanks!! <3

I think I know what book series you’re talking about :) If it’s the same one, i tried to read it and couldn’t because every time I saw my name i laughed :D

Off the top of my head, the most common i know are;
Niamh, Aoife, Sorcha, Siobhán, Saoirse, Aisling, Ailish, Ciara, Grainne, Aine, Síle and Aoibheann.

and boys names;
Séan, Eoin, Cathán, Daire, Liam and Michael (of course!)

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Anonymous asked: The ring of Kerry was the most beautiful journey in the world. Killarney is awesome too! Gosh, how I want to go back.

YES! Killarney <3

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Anonymous asked: Is Walsh as popular of a surname in Ireland as they say it is?

Apart from Louis, I don’t actually know anybody with that surname.

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bedshaped86 asked: Hello! Do you like The Corrs? :)

I don’t really know much about them, I think I probably really only know 2 of their songs :/

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Anonymous asked: Hi, Sorry to bother, but I was wondering if you knew any stories or anything of mythical creatures/monsters/ things like that which originate from Ireland? I'm writing a story and would love to use some but I'm having trouble finding stuff. Thanks!

Then there’s Banshees, Púca, the Dullahan and the Grogoch.

There might be more but these are the ones I know :D

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Anonymous asked: Are the tuatha de danaan the only irish pantheon, or are there other gods and goddesses unique to Ireland?

I wish I could help but I really don’t know anything about this. Some of the followers might know though, I’ll publish anything people say :)

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